Animal Care

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Why do an Apprenticeship in Animal Care?

The Apprenticeship in Animal Care will interest people who have a love of animals and do not mind getting their hands dirty! Working with animals can be hard, and requires real dedication, but is very rewarding.  The Animal Care Industry is extremely varied, and includes pet shops, boarding kennels and catteries, animal rescue, grooming parlours,  dog walkers, zoos and wildlife establishments, animal trainers and many more!

What career opportunities are available?

There are a huge range of career opportunities in Animal Care, and the list below shows a few possible choices:

Animal Care Worker

Assistance Dog Trainer

Animal Technician

Dog Groomer

Dog Handler

Kennel Worker

Pet Behaviour Counsellor

Pet Shop Assistant

RSPCA Inspector

Zoo Keeper

Whatever animal care career you choose, there is always a demand for well-trained, devoted and qualified people in the animal care sector.

What training does Badgehurst Training Ltd offer in Animal Care?

We offer the following work-based programmes:

Intermediate Apprenticeship in Animal Care

Advanced Apprenticeship in Animal Care

Intermediate Apprentices work as an “assistant” under the supervision of a more experienced member of staff.  Advanced Apprentices will fulfil more of a supervisory  role, including making decisions about the day to day running of the business.