Information, Advice and Guidance

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

We offer a comprehensive, high quality and impartial  information, advice and guidance service to applicants, our learners and the employers that we work with.  Our IAG service is designed to:


  • Help you understand the learning opportunities available to you  and the career paths that they lead to
  • Support you in finding an Employer who will offer you an apprenticeship
  • Refer you to an appropriate alternative Organisation if we are unable to help you


  • Understand the programme you have joined and what the people involved in it will do
  • Help you identify your learning needs and how these can be met
  • Support you whilst in training to ensure that you make progress and achieve your goals
  • Refer you to an appropriate external agency if you require specialist support
  • Provide information, advice and guidance when you leave the programme on future progression opportunities


  • Understand the apprenticeship programme and the key roles of the people within it
  • Give information, advice and guidance on legislation, policies and procedures, e.g. health and safety, equality, diversity and inclusion, safeguarding, national minimum wage and other areas of employment.
  • Support you in recruiting an apprentice and in applying for financial support towards wages.
  • Help you to help them.

For further details on our Information, Advice and Guidance Service, please see our IAG Statement of Service 2015