About Apprenticeships


Apprenticeships are open to anyone living in England, over 16 years old and not in full-time education.  However, you may not be eligible for funding if you already have certain types of qualification, e.g. any level 4 or a level 3 in a similar area.  

All apprentices are employees of the Employer supporting them with their training.  They must be employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week, have a contract of employment and sign an apprenticeship agreement.

All apprentices must receive the appropriate national minimum wage.  They are also entitled to at least 28 days paid holiday, including bank holidays (this is allocated on a pro rata basis for apprentices that work less than 40 hours per week).

There are three types of Apprenticeship you can apply for depending on your current skills and qualifications: 

1 – Intermediate Level Apprenticeships

2 – Advanced Level Apprenticeships

3 – Higher Apprenticeships

Badgehurst Training Ltd offers intermediate and advanced apprenticeships.  If you are interested in undertaking a higher apprenticeship, please visit the apprenticeships website for further information.

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